Sunbeam Heritage Series Review

Let The Sunbeam In

Ok. I’m biased. I feel I should let you know that upfront. When I think of stand mixers, I really tend to gravitate toward KitchenAid for a bunch of reasons including family history and personal history with them, but I also didn’t realize how many different brands there actually are to choose from. I don’t want to miss out on a great deal because I’m stuck on one brand, so I looked beyond what I knew, and I found some really great options.

The Sunbeam FPSBSM210G Heritage Series stand mixer follows the trend of the KitchenAid style and comes in a bunch of different colors — eight to be exact. It actually looks like “modern meets retro” with its sleek lines which still manage to give it a very 1960s look. However you want to describe it, I think it’s pretty neat looking.

Sunbeam Heritage

Plenty of Adjustment

Most higher end mixers come with 10 different speeds, but this one has 12. That doesn’t sound like a huge difference, but it can make a difference when you need a lot of control for a particular recipe.

Not The Largest

The bowl on this mixer comes in at 4.6 quarts, which is not the smallest I’ve seen, but it’s not very large. For regular day-to-day use you should have enough room, just as long as your day-to-day family isn’t a huge crowd.

Mixing In Every Direction

Ok, I’m pretty sure this is kind of awesome. The bowl on this mixer moves… on purpose. It spins while the mixer spins so you get a little bit of extra power when you’re mixing. That seems like a great way to handle the otherwise annoying issue of trying to turn the bowl while using a hand mixer. Even though it sounds like a great solution, there have been reports that it doesn’t always work the way it’s supposed to, so I guess it would be great if it works the way it should, but if it doesn’t, you’re really no worse off.

Doesn’t Have To Be Centered

The bowl on this one is off-centered, which may look a little strange when you’re first looking at it, but it serves an awesome purpose. With a lot of mixers, when the mixing head is going, it can be difficult to get extra ingredients in without stopping and moving the bowl. The Sunbeam’s off-center bowl makes it possible to get the ingredients in there without having to stop and restart, and which can save a ton of time and mess!

More Watts For Your Money

I would say most of your options come with 300 watts of power, but this one gets it up to 350. That helps in attaining the 12 speeds I mentioned earlier, and it gives the motor a lot more flexibility then some other mixers have.

Lock It Up

The bowl on this one does not shift up and down for removal. It has the head that locks open so you can take off and remove the bowl. I personally prefer mixers which allow the bowl to raise and lower, rather than the mix head, but most consumer-grade mixers do come with the tilt-head mechanism like this one does.

Speed Set

This mixer has 12 speeds settings, some of them don’t seem to do much to actually change the speed. They certainly should, but serveral people have said you basically get a lot of fast speed without a whole lot of control and the precision you should get with all those settings isn’t particularly reliable.

Missing The Staying Power

People who have had the older versions of this mixer say it had a lot of staying power, but that the new one doesn’t go as far as it used to. This can be said of a lot of long-standing brands, even KitchenAid, so I think it speaks more to the industry overall than to this particular mixer or manufacturer.

A Lot Of Potential

This Sunbeam has a log going for it, even if it isn’t perfect. Some users haven’t had the best experiences with it, but overall, the percentage of good reviews it has received completely overwhelms the poor ones, so that’s definitely something to consider. For the price, I think this is a pretty good mixer.