Delicious Recipe Ideas

I can cook, but I’m a baker at heart. That’s why I love my stand mixer more than any other appliance in my kitchen. It makes it easier for me to find time to bake, even with my crazy schedule and limited time for tending to ingredients. I have a couple of go to recipes I like to whip up when I have a rare few extra minutes on a weekend. Those extra minutes always result in sweet treats filling my kitchen, and it’s one of the things my family really loves me for.

If you’re more of a cook than a baker, I beckon you over to the dark side to try something delicious. Baking with a stand mixer is a heck of a lot of fun because you can set it and forget it… for a few minutes at least.

Food That Tastes Like Other Food
One of my favorite things to make with my stand mixer are these incredible Cake Batter Chocolate Chip Cookies. I love things that taste like other things, so this combination of cake batter (my favorite kind of ice cream!) and chocolate chip cookies (my favorite thing in the world!) is just about the greatest thing ever. I’ll be honest, all my favorite recipes for my stand mixer come from this website, Sally’s Baking Addiction. It’s pretty much my happy place.

You can find the amazing cookies here.

Red Velvet Heaven

I love red velvet – anything red velvet. I also love brownies. And when I’m able to get both in a single place, I am a more than happy person. These Red Velvet Cream Cheese Swirl Brownies are just the best. They’re delicious, they’re filling, and they taste like a big ol’ slice of heaven. You can toss the ingredients into your mixer and be on your way to having delicious snacks that look like they’re way more work than what you actually put into them.

Give them a taste here.

Make It Marble And It’s Amazing

This is a big thing I’m really crazy about, and I love to make things like this with my stand mixer. I like making marble goodies because you have to make two different batters and then manage to mix them together while still keeping them separate, so they can be a little bit of a challenge. Also, did I mention they’re delicious? Because they totally are.

These chocolate and vanilla swirl cupcakes are a taste of everything good in the world, and you’re going to be thrilled with them. You can even marble the frosting! Get the recipe here.

More Sweetness

Now, I know these are all sweet recipes and none of them are going to be good for your waistline, but they’re definitely good for your soul. And they’re really good for making sure you get everything you need out of your stand mixer.

Of course, the internet is full of recipes that will be super fun to make with your new fancy kitchen appliance. Before diving in, just make sure you have everything you need as far as instructions for which settings to use and the correct ingredients as listed. Once you’re used to how your mixer works, you can get a little more creative with ingredients that aren’t listed or coming up with your own recipes. There is a small but distinct learning curve in mixer-land, and you just want to be sure you know what you’re doing before getting too complicated.

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