KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus Review

Be still my heart

My attachment to my first mixer went beyond love and, probably, anything considered as “normal”. We were pals. We spent time together. We worked together. We made delicious treats and meals together. When it bit the dust due to a poorly packed moving box, my level of heartbreak was palpable and I have been in mourning ever since. Over time, I have pulled myself together and I’m ready to start looking to replace it.

I have struggled with whether I want to buy the same one or if I want to get something less expensive. My husband bought me the last one as a Christmas gift, and it was quite expensive. Expensive enough that I’m not sure it’s worth spending that much again. I bake, but I’m not a professional, and I don’t make anything too complicated. I also don’t need the power to knead dough very often because I’m plenty happy with store bought bread.

KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus

So when I saw the KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus 5-Quart Stand Mixer, I was almost right at home. It looks just like my old mixer, but it’s not quite the same one. Mine had a bigger capacity and was more expensive. Again, it was nice to have, but I just don’t know that I need that much.

How Much Power Do I Need?

With 450 watts, this one has plenty of power. I can get more than enough power out of that to get everything I need done and more. Again, I’m not making bread or anything too heavy, so I don’t have to worry about mega power. The power on this one, combined with the ten speeds it offers, is more than enough to get through everything I do and more.

Lift Me Up

One of the big draws to this one over the slightly less expensive ones is that it is has the bowl lift, as opposed to the tilting head. For clumsy people like me, that’s a pretty big deal. The tilting, locking head is great, but I always have an image of me forgetting to lock it or it coming undone and smashing down on my finger or hand. With my luck, it would happen all the time, and I would never learn.

The bowl lift, on the other hand, brings the bowl up to the mixer to make sure the mixing tool is touching everything inside that it needs to get near. This particular feature saved me a lot of back and forth when I baked in the past, and it makes a big difference for my comfort level.

Quart-er Pounder

The bowl on this bad boy is 5 quarts, which is one of the biggest you can get. Some go up to 6, and some mega professional ones go up to 8, but 5 is usually enough to get almost everything done. If you’re baking on a regualr basis for an entire football team, you might want a bigger bowl, but you’ll probably still end up making more than one batch anyway, so that’s kind of a moot point.

Dishwash It

Follow along closely for a minute because this is important: The bowl is dishwasher safe. DISHWASHER SAFE. If you’re like me and love to bake but hate to scrub, this is a huge bonus. Save yourself the time of cleaning and enjoy your treats instead!

Be Gentle

This mixer has a feature I think is pretty much the greatest thing I’ve ever heard of. It’s called Soft Start. Instead of just flipping the “on” switch without an idea of how fast it’s going to actually be, you can put your ingredients in and get them settled using Soft Start. Your flour or dry materials won’t end up all over the place, and it’s very likely you won’t have to clean up a mess. Soft Start is your friend – maybe even your best friend.

Still Not Your Doughy Friend

today’s mixers are just not made to take the abuse our grandmothers put them through. Whether manufacturers are using poorly made parts or the motors just don’t have the power to get through some of the torture, this one has the same difficulty most of its contemporaries do when it comes to heavy dough. Even the 450 watts might not be enough to get through the dough and keep the motor from sputtering out on you.

Coughing Up The Dough

That would be totally weird if it were actual dough, but here I’m referencing the money this mixer (and the plenty of colors that it comes in) actually costs. It’s really not terrible as far as price is concerned in the world of mixers, but it’s still not cheap. It does seem to be pretty reliable and if it’s in your price range, this is a great option. It will do most of what you need without a problem, and you’ll really only have to worry about power if you’re trying to knead through some major dough. If not, you should be more than set to get this baby rolling and mixing.