KitchenAid Artisan Series Review

Find Your Mixing Home With The Best In The Biz

There are a lot of stand mixers that are just not good at what they are supposed to do. They may be designed to mix, but they really don’t do a whole lot of anything. Some of them are so ineffective you might be better off with a wooden spoon and some elbow grease.

However, if you’re looking for the best the world of stand mixers has to offer, you want a KitchenAid. They come in a variety of sizes, features and colors, and the attachment options are almost unlimited. There are so many options available with KitchenAid, it’s almost mind boggling.

KitchenAid Artisan

If you want a higher end option that won’t break the bank, the KitchenAid 5 Qt. Artisan Series with Pouring Shield might be everything that you want. It’s still considered a consumer mixer, but it comes with a number of professional features and options.

What Color Are You?

One thing I have learned about stand mixers is that they are large. They take up quite a bit of real estate, and you need a good bit of cabinet space to store them. I have never had a cabinet large enough for one, so I either had to put it in the pantry and lug the heavy thing around every time I wanted to use it, or make it a staple of my decor.

Fortunately for me (and you!), KitchenAid makes that easy with the amazing colors available with the Artisan Series. You can choose from more than 40 different colors ranging from basic white or black to the hottest pink and brightest yellow. And, you know, just about every other color under the sun. Color doesn’t affect the way it works, but it can be a serious consideration for something that might be sitting on the counter as part of your decor.

Good Size For Mixing and Baking

Again, this isn’t the largest, professional size mixer in the world, but it is a great size for consumer use. If you’re baking for a family, you’ll be more than set. If you need something that is going to feed 20 or more people, you might want a bowl bigger than the 5 quarts that this one comes with, but this should be perfect for most uses.

Tilted Head

There are two types of mixers, and the “right” one really comes down to personal preference. This mixer, like most consumer models, has a head that tilts up and down from the base so the bowl can be easily removed. Some other, more expensive mixers, have a head which stays fixed and the bowl gets lifted up and down to be secured or removed. I prefer the bowl that lifts up and down, but that’s a matter of personal preference and not an important distinction.

Speedy Delivery

Ten speeds give you firm control over all the different quirks that come with different types of baking projects. You can start slow or bump it up to high, depending on the speed you need. That’s all in your hands, thanks to the control available here.

More Attachments For Your Money

The Artisan mixer isn’t cheap, but you get a lot for your money. Five different attachments come in the box so you can knead dough, whip batter, or do basically whatever you want. You don’t have to buy any other attachments to do basic baking, but there are more than 15 other options you can get if you want to do more.

One Year Of Support

For the price of admission, you also get the support you need if something should go wrong within the first year. It’s not the best warranty in the industry, but it can be useful for defect and other problems in the first year.

Motor Malfunctions

It’s not very common, but there have been reported instances of the motor making terrible noises very early on, sounding like metal on metal. It’s a bad noise, and a bad sign for the lifecycle of the machine. If it does happen, you’ll definitely be taking advantage of that warranty.

Customer Service Makes The Sale

One of the things that gets my attention, and possibly even my pocket book, is the reports stating customer service for these machines is excellent. No one wants to have to send back their new toy, but if it’s under warranty, they’ll take good care of you to get a replacement out to you. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s good to know you’ll be taken care of if you need help.

Mixing It Up In A Big Way

I always worry about spending real money on something that may not work the way it’s supposed to, but there have been relatively few problems reported with this mixer and plenty of reasons that tell me this is a great option. The price is good, the flexibility is awesome, and the choices of colors are almost never-ending. I’m so excited about the possibilities of this mixer that I’m not sure that I want to keep looking, but I will. There could be others just as good or even better.