Cuisinart SM-55 Stand Mixer Review

Welcome To The Future, Kitchens

So, classics are good. They’re definitely good. But sometimes the best things that you can get are just a slight upgrade on things that have already made their mark on the market. You take something that has been totally mastered and find something minor that could be better, and all of a sudden, it’s a totally different device.

Well, the Cuisinart SM-55 5-1/2-Quart 12-Speed Stand Mixer does more than just upgrade something small. It goes well beyond that to take your stand mixer to the next level. Actually, this one does so many things better than other options that I can’t wait to look through all of it and figure out what to do.

Cuisinart SM-55

Monster POWER

Okay, so there are a ton of good things to talk about on this mixer, but the most important thing to set it all up with is that it has 800 watts of power to get the job done. Most mixers have between 275-400 watts of power, and so many of them are already beasts. This one more than doubles a lot of mixers, and it brings a lot to the table as far as possibilities for what you can do with your beloved appliance.

Smoothies and Juices and More– OH MY

Ok. Now we get into the good stuff. I’m used to mixers that come with a dough hook, a wire whisk and a beater. That’s it. Maybe, if you’re lucky, it will come with a splatter shield. The Cuisinart does WAY more than that. Seriously. Take this ride with me.

Do you like smoothies? Open the top of your Cuisinart, and attach the blender that works with this beast. Throw in your fruit, yogurt and ice and VOILA, smoothie. FROM YOUR STAND MIXER.

Oh, you like orange juice? And all the juice? GREAT! Again, open up the top of your stand mixer and attach your juicer and go to town on making that juice that you want to drink oh-so bad.

Oh, you need to grind meat? Or use the food processor? It all connects to this one device and works just like they’re one piece. You can run almost all of your kitchen electrics with just one device. I can’t even tell you have great that is.


All of these devices have to have a way to run, so this mixer is equipped with three different power outlets that give you the different power level that is necessary for whatever it needs to run. It’s so versatile. You can do whatever you want with this thing. I mean, the only thing that I can’t find that it does is make coffee, but maybe I just haven’t figured out how yet.

Big Bowl For Mixing All Of The Things

On top of having all of the power that you need to run every attachment that you can find in the whole entire world, you can also actually use it as a super powerful mixer. The bowl holds up the 5.5 quarts of stuff to mix, spin and get prepared. That’s one of the bigger bowls available on the market now for a consumer level device, and you can make a whole lot of cookies with this versatile kitchen friend.

Lighter Attachments Are Off Putting

If you’ve ever dealt with a stand mixer before, you know that the attachments are usually super heavy. I mean, they can be heavy enough that if you were to drop them, something would break– either the attachment or the counter that you dropped it on. The attachments on this one are not so intense, and they can feel very much like they’re going to break. They won’t though. They’re really sturdy, and they have more than enough life in them to get through whatever you torture them with.

Powers Through Even Bread

Ok. This is impressive. Even with all of the other things that it can do, this is the most impressive thing I’ve found so far. It can knead bread. It can knead bread for as long as you like. The motor won’t try to die on you or start to overheat. No, it can do exactly what you need it to do without question, and it will come out on the other end smelling like roses (or, you know, fresh baked bread.)

Not Backed Up

Look. This mixer does a lot of stuff that is awesome, but it misses the mark when it comes to customer service. It’s best to hope that this one does the trick and doesn’t need repair because, unlike a lot of the brands that make stand mixers, it can be harder to get Cuisinart to back up the product if there’s a problem. That’s the worst part about the entire thing. If you can’t get the help that you need, it does taint the experience some.

I’m So Impressed, Even With The Drawbacks

Really, I am totally impressed. This mixer costs so much less than comparable professional mixers, but it still does the job and does it well. Beyond that, it also does just about everything else, and it lets you blend, process, juice, grind and just about anything that you can imagine. If you need to do it to food, it does it with all of the happiness of the world. I am in happy love.

If you’re anything like me, you want to dive in head first and have a blast with ALL OF THE THINGS you can do. I mean really, this thing is insane. Give it a shot and get ready to mix everything in sight.