Breville Digital Hand Mixer Review

There's Nothing Old Fashioned about Staying Power!

If you’ve already read through my review of the Breville BEM800XL Scraper Mixer, you know that I don’t know a lot about Breville as a brand, but I do really like what I’ve heard about them after looking at the stand mixer. It was a no brainer to do some investigating to find out what they had to offer on the hand mixer front, and what I’ve seen doesn’t disappoint. As a KitchenAid devotee, it almost pains me to say it, but Breville is starting to pull ahead in my mind.

What really hooked me in was the Breville Handy Mix Hand Mixer. It caught my eye because it operates digitally, and was able to keep my attention by looking so flippin’ cool.

Breville BHM500WXL

High Tech For Your Cake Mix

The Handy Mix has a couple of really awesome features that set it apart from so many similar options. First, it’s one of the few hand mixers I’ve seen that has a timer so you know how long you’ve been mixing. While it’s not a necessity, it is pretty nice to have, and it adds some value to what is usually a pretty basic product. The timer is back lit so you can always see what’s going on while you’re mixing, and the display is large enough so you shouldn’t need your glasses just to see it.

Speed It Up Or Slow It Down

When you’re getting your mix on with the Handy Mix, you have 16 different speeds to work with so you can either go really slow or unreasonably fast. A lot of mixers are ineffective at getting the appropriate run of speeds. They are either all too fast or all underpowered. This one gives you plenty of options so you have no choice but to be able to find the right one.

Okay On Power

The 200 watt motor is certainly not the most powerful machine to hit the market, but it should be sufficient for a hand mixer. You’re not going to be using it for hours as a time, so you don’t need a Mack truck engine. You should be good, but you also shouldn’t expect too much brute force.

Get Rested

One of the most irritating things about the hand mixers I’ve had in the past has been trying to figure out where to put them between mixing sessions. Even if they have a flat edge, they don’t always balance well. This mixer has a non-tip heel rest that gives you a place to upright the mixer between uses where it won’t end up splattering stuff everywhere when it falls. Simple innovations like that make products worthwhile.

Not Entirely Ejectable

There is a button that makes you think it’s going to eject the beaters when you’re done using them, and it sort of does. It makes it so they can be removed, but they are still fairly well locked in place. You still have to work a bit to get them out after if you unlock them. I actually really like that because there are a lot of hand mixers that just spit out the beaters while you’re using them, which is way more inconvenient.

Old School Quality

One of the things I really like about this mixer is that it seems to have the staying power of many of its predecessors. Electrics in general don’t seem to last very long these days, but a lot of people say that this one can go and go for years.

Not As Great For Thickness

While this mixer has plenty to offer along the lines of options, it is not what you want if you have thick doughs for breads or chunky cookies to manage. It just doesn’t have the power to tear through it like you would need for success. It can handle batters and mixes without much issue, but it needs a little bit of extra support to get through thicker stuff, and you may just have to stick with a stand mixer.

Higher End Of The Spectrum. Higher Quality Output.

I know it’s not perfect, but the Breville BHM500XL Handy Mixer is certainly one of the best options I’ve seen in this range. It costs a little more, but it is very effective when used for what it’s good for. You may be unhappy with it as your primary mixer if you do a lot of bread doughs and really thick batters, but otherwise, it should be pretty darn good for whatever else you need a hand mixer for. Most importantly though, it will stay with you for ever and ever, just like the one your grandma always used.